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My name is Tammy Safi, I have been a fully qualified naturopath, iridologist, nutritionist, herbalist and remedial massage therapist for 20 plus years. This is the place to come when you want to get well and regain your health and stamina. A place of healing and nurturing, by treating the cause of the dis-ease, shifting stagnation and opening energy channels. Together we can encourage the body to heal itself.

I am also the author of the internationally acclaimed "Healthy Teas". My passion is to restore health successfully to patients using natural herbal and nutritional remedies.

I am Private Health Fund registered, so you can claim a rebate from your fund for some consultations and remedial massage therapy. I provide hypnotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, herbal remedies, nutrition advice, reiki, remedial massage, hair analysis and iridology.

Are you frustrated with taking conventional medicines and having to tolerate their side effects? For centuries herbalists around the world have used natural medicines to successfully cure everything from the simple cold to more complicated illnesses. Herbal Medicines are safe for people of all ages, work deep at the root of the cause(s) and often reverse long term illness by rebuilding your body's natural defense.

You are here for a reason, please feel free to browse the website. I am situated in Greenacre, near Bankstown, Roselands, Punchbowl, Beverly Hills, Yagoona, Chester Hill, Lidcombe, Strathfield, Burwood and Liverpool in Western Sydney.

My Journey

29 years ago my youngest had been sick for a very long time. Repeated colds, coughs, blocked snotty nose with thick yellow mucous that just would not go away.

With a blocked nose she was not sleeping well, crying all the time and mouth breathing. At that stage her adenoids had been removed twice and still she was no better. Thank goodness they re-grew, I had no idea back then how important they are to have.

I had no idea what I was doing, blindly following the GP's advice, doing everything specialists said until they finally diagnosed her with asthma, and handed me Ventolin and a nebuliser. I asked, "So how long do I use this?" All I got was a shrug of the shoulders - 'indefinitely' was their answer. That's when I knew I was never going to medicate my baby girl again. Enough was enough, no more doctors and antibiotics.

Naturopathic advice was hard in those days. We had never heard of a Naturopath nor a herbalist. Slowly our home pantries started to change on Naturopathic advice, I juiced for her daily, carrot and beetroot. Filtered the water we drank, started growing my own fruits and vegetables. Substituted fresh food, leftovers or oats for breakfast instead of sugary cereals.

I substituted with organic soy and fresh goats milk from the farms, instead of cow dairy which was clogging her up. The whole family took this on, it's a lot easier if everyone joins in. I was so amazed how well she improved and what a happy little girl she ended up being, back then I only changed her diet as it was very hard to access herbal medicine for toddlers. Her so called asthma went as did all her rashes.

One morning after all this I woke knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Study Naturopathy and help others heal through eating well and making lifestyle changes. I studied at Nature Care College at night for four years so I could be around for my three young children during the day. I loved every step of that journey and still do. Our world has become a lot more toxic unfortunately and there are many new environmental and ingestible things we need to be aware of and avoid to stay healthy.

But we can do it together,

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the lymphatic system to drain and expel toxins, bacteria and waste products from the body and is useful for people who have a sedentary/indulgent lifestyle, those who have had surgery, experienced trauma, or been exposed to chemicals. Lymphatic drainage massage removes cellulite and fluid retention. It is a form of gentle yet affective bodywork.

Patients who suffer with fluid retention (oedema), swollen arms and/or legs, cellulite and insomnia find great relief from their symptoms with lymphatic drainage treatments. It is also effective for insomnia, constipation, polycystic ovarian disease, hormonal imbalances, nervous tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, poor circulation, and sinus congestion plus an effective way to detox quickly.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, made up of nodes and lymphatic fluid and it works most effectively if we are exercising on a regular basis and have chemical free bodies. The massage is light and wave-like, assisting the flow of the lymphatic fluid back into the blood system. This non-invasive technique works well for limb and joint pain such as arthritis.

The upper and lower abdomen is made up of an extensive network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. Hence many hormonal conditions such as polycystic ovarian disease and premenstrual syndrome can be balanced with lymphatic drainage massage.

The inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep can be due to an overactive parasympathetic system, triggered by disturbing thoughts or nutritional imbalance. Either way a lymphatic massage once or twice a week will trigger the body's parasympathetic system back to work. This will automatically calm the body allowing sleep to occur when it is time.

From someone who suffers from really painful period pain to the point of not getting out of bed. I had two lymphatic drainage massages done by Tammy and by the second massage I had no pain at all! The gentle massage not only helped my pain but bloating, water retention and overall feeling better. I would highly recommend a lymphatic drainage massage from Tammy. Thank you Tammy!
- Taylor Leonard, 2019

Hair Analysis

Here at Greenacre Natural Therapies, we take a hair or saliva sample and send for testing for potential reactions to foods, sauces, drinks, fabrics, detergents, shampoos etc. We take the guess work out of your suffering. Samples are tested for over 600 common Australian foods and other household products including those from Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. Do yourself a favour and get tested to find real relief.

Click to download a PDF Supermarket specific food and household product list from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

Click to download a PDF products list from New Zealand, which can be tested by hair analysis to see if you have any allergies or intolerances.

Click to download a sample of a Bio-Compatibility Client Report from a hair analysis test.

Does you pet itch, or seem unhappy with their food? Click to download a PDF of products which can be tested by hair analysis for Animals in Australia.


Greenacre Natural Therapies is located in Western Sydney. Easy access from Greenacre, Roselands, Punchbowl, Beverly Hills, Yagoona, Chester Hill, Lidcombe, Strathfield and Burwood and Liverpool.

To learn more please feel free to contact me.

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