What Is Hair Analysis?

Here at Greenacre Natural Therapies, we can test for allergies by taking a hair or saliva sample and send it off to confirm potential reactions to foods, sauces, drinks, fabrics, detergents, shampoos etc.

We take the guess work out of your allergies and suffering.

Samples are tested for over 600 common Australian foods and other household products including those from Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. Do yourself a favour and get tested to find real relief by coming along to the Clinic in Greenacre, near Liverpool and Bankstown.

Simply complete the below form, submit and you will be taken to the payment page.
Do not forget to post your HAIR SAMPLE to us.
Greenacre Natural Therapies
63 Noble Avenue, Greenacre NSW 2190, Australia.
Make sure you place your NAME clearly on the back of the envelope if you have already submitted the form here online. Otherwise just print and post the form along WITH your hair sample.

How much hair is needed?
Approximately ½ tsp cut from the nape of neck, or arm/leg hair. If no hair, saliva on a cotton bud place in a plastic zip lock bag. (Babies)

Does it matter if my hair is dyed?
No, the equipment is calibrated to suit each hair sample.

How does the equipment work?
This equipment works on the electrical systems of the body. Every cell in the body requires electrical simulation to function correctly. Incompatible foods and products can interfere with this electrical stimulation. All cells in creation have their own electro - magnetic signature. This electromagnetic field in the hair and the electromagnetic field of each food and product are brought together and either attract (COMPATIBLE) or repel (INCOMPATIBLE). The equipment is calibrated to a level which displays this on a graph through a unique system of equipment and software.

How accurate is the test?
Generally, we see around 85-95% of client symptoms improve when they follow the instructions in the report very strictly for the full 6 months. However, there are always a few difficult cases which require further investigation and assistance.

Hair Analysis Compatibility Report List Explained.


500+ Hair Analysis is $295 and can be done for any adult, baby, pet, including re-tests after 6-9 months of treatment.

You can also add a list from Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, or Indian foods as an Extra at $50. This would then include testing against common products sold at each supermarket. For example, not all cacao is the same as its sourced from different plants in different countries. You may be allergic to potato sold at Aldis but not the ones sold at Woolworths. These are very specific, precise tests and can be really helpful. You can also download the lists for these foods below.

Once form is submitted, you will be taken to the payment page where you can use your PayPal account, or use PayPal as a guest and pay via Credit Card securely (you do not need a PayPal account for this).


Hair Analysis Order Form - Part A


Hair Analysis Compatibility Report List Explained.

Click to download a PDF Supermarket specific food and household product list from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

Click to download a PDF Baby specific food and household products.

Click to download a PDF products list from New Zealand, which can be tested by hair analysis to see if you have any allergies or intolerances.

Click to download a PDF of Indian Foods, which can be tested by hair analysis to see if you have any allergies or intolerances.

Click to download a sample of a Bio-Compatibility Client Report from a hair analysis test.

Does you pet itch, or seem unhappy with their food? Click to download a PDF of products which can be tested by hair analysis for Animals in Australia.

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