How To Detox Your Home

This article has been very popular amongst patients. I have recently updated it as over the last decade many new pollutants have been introduced into our lives. Things like mobile phones, plastic drinking bottles, and farmed fish.

Pollution doesn't just cover the inner city. The air inside our homes can also be toxic, such as fumes produced from cooking, open fires and some gas heaters. Even gas emitted from new furniture (VOC) volatile organic compounds. Indoor air quality can be the cause of asthma and other allergic reactions. It can be the cause of ill health, fatigue or just not feeling right. Here are some handy hints.

    House plants like ferns, rubber plants, peace lilies, weeping figs, palms, philodendrons and spider plants target VOCs in two ways-they actually absorb the pollutants through their leaves, while the bacteria in the soil also draws them in. Two plants per room are sufficient.

    You might not dream of drinking the chlorinated tap water. However you shower in it daily. The fact is, inhaling the chlorine from say 200 litres of water is equivalent to drinking 2 litres of it. A chlorine shower filter will do the trick (found in specialist water shops). Some individuals get a rash after a shower. The sleepy feeling one gets after a shower could be due to the heat turning the chlorine to chloroform! Use bicarbonate of soda mixed into a paste or white vinegar to clean dirty tiles, toilet and tile floors

    Leaving the house closed up for hours at a time while out at work/on holiday allows pollutants to build up in the air. Security grills help air the house. Try to keep windows open whenever possible. Make sure any ventilators in the house are unblocked. Use extractor fans/air purifiers while cooking and keep them clean to avoid recirculating contaminants.

    Look under your kitchen sink and at the endless amount of detergents and cleaning products. Cut down on these as much as possible. Never use anything which sprays a fine mist in the air. Most of it ends up in you and your family's and pet's lungs. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products. Be careful with water based paints, many believe its OK to use them without ventilation. IT'S NOT! Never sleep in a freshly painted room

    Don't do any restoration while pregnant or with little children around. Genetic damage can be caused to an unborn baby. Babies and young children are extremely vulnerable to absorbing toxic fumes

  • UNPLUG radiation electrical and phones
    Unplug electrical appliances from the wall whenever they are not in use and before going to bed ever night, especially in the bedrooms. Don't sleep with your mobile near you and turn it off when not in use. Always use hands free. Avoid carrying your mobile on your person

    "Glass is best", refers to an old glass ad many moons ago (some of you may remember it). Glass doesn't release any toxic substances into foods. When buying food from the supermarkets, buy only glass containing products, free of additives, preservatives and food colouring

As people during this century get more and more ill, we have to ask ourselves why?

Most likely it's due to the fact we have disconnected ourselves from nature so much, and are relying more on take-away and pre-prepared foods with potentially antibiotics injected meats and farmed fish, and cows milk making us sick with arthritis, allergies and asthma.

Ask your fish monger which fish is farmed, before you buy. They know and hopefully will advise you on their best natural fish. Always buy small fish that is NOT farmed.

Lastly, buy organic where possible and grow your own fruit and veg. Use the stove, not a microwave to heat or cook food.

The accumulation effect..
Many toxic substances are in our environment including radiation from mobile phones, television, computers etc.. lead fumes from cars and lead paints. Xylene found in some felt pens and paints. Smells inhaled from ajax, bleach, and other cleaning products can effect us directly by making one feel sickly or tired, and can cause rashes. Others tend to get to the effects after years of being exposed to these chemicals.

Those who work on a day to day basis with these toxins have high incidences of cancer of the liver. Cooking in aluminium pots and drinking out of aluminium cans can result in aluminium deposits in the brain. Toxins accumulate in the body, especially heavy metals like lead, mercury and aluminium which are stored slowly (in fat cells) in the body, possibly causing dementia or liver damage.

To find out more.
Hair tissue analysis is a test which can be performed to prove if there is heavy metal toxicity or mineral deficiency/excess in the body. Your herbalist can draw toxins out of the body with mineral chelation and liver herbs. If you haven't been feeling well or have had a foggy head and memory trouble you may consider having a hair analysis


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