Gut Health

You may have heard me say after examining your iris you have signs of leaky gut. In the iris it stands out pretty clearly, and it is from years of antibiotics/alcohol/drug/medical, or other abuse and also now from things like wheat. Wheat in our country (can't speak for overseas) has not been the same old same old. It's an inferior wheat grain. For one thing, they no longer ferment it for longer periods, before drying and grounding. A good, long fermenting process on it's own, half digests the wheat grains, making them easier for humans to digest, leading to less allergy and gut reactions. This is no longer the case unless you buy spelt.

It's sad when the wheat industry has been causing Australians a lot of gut issues, the worst being coeliac disease. It takes a whole load of effort and devotion on your part to heal this issue, and heal it you must. Fixing your gut will result in a new you healthy, energetic, focused and strong with many great years to look ahead to. Aches and pains disappear, as does bloating, wind, allergies, poor immunity, foggy head, bad memory, and the list goes on.

Many of my patients ask me how long they need to take their gut healing powder. That's an individual thing and the good news is, the sooner you start the better.


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