The overuse of pain killers and anti-inflammatories

How to avoid them.

Rule of thumb is when you have discomfort try and find the original source before reaching out for any painkillers or numbing device. Once you know the source you can research and look into how to fix it from its origin. If you're already stuck in the trap of using or over using pain killers it can be resolved but you're going o have to try to work hard at not taking them. Just do not take them and see a naturopath or Herbalist. Sometimes we need to feel the pain to fix the problem. Masking pain with pain killers only makes things worse. Then one seems to need more and more more. Besides pain killers damage our kidneys and liver.

Are the easiest to fix! No one should have a headache, it's usually a reaction to hormonal imbalance, if so, see a Naturopath or Herbalist. Headaches can be tension headaches. They start and end in the temples of your head. Two pressure spots on either side of your forehead. These comes from stress, frowning or overthinking and so on. I recommend meditation or tapping exercises. Gentle massage may also help.

Toxic headaches from the food you choose to eat. These headaches are from your diet. Eating sweets, biscuits, pastries, McDonalds, lollies - any and all sweet foods will give you a headache (it's a nasty sugar rush) and may even turn into a migraine. Stop eating them - headaches gone.

Sulphites give people headaches. Sulphites are in preserved fruits and wines - read your labels. Always read your labels and avoid sulphites and sulphates etc...

Hormonal period pain - you need to see a Naturopath - you can't fix it yourself. It's a combination of diet and hormonal imbalance. Both can be fixed by herbal medicine and supplements. But each individual is different so it's not the same for all.

Arthritic Pain
Is inflammation in the joints. Take away offending foods like alcohol, animal protein, wheat and dairy. Eat more alkaline foods and anti-inflammatory foods, ie vegetables. legumes and fruit.


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