Prevention and Treatment of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a variety of things such as a virus, bacteria, injury, allergies, fumes and other chemical pollutants.

Annoying and very contagious if it's a viral infection.
It's well worth knowing how to treat it quickly and effectively.

Treatment suggestions:

  • Drink strong teas of fennel, eyebright and chamomile
  • Rinse the eye with this tea when cooled
  • Drink plenty of fresh carrot juice daily between meals to increase your vitamin A (strengthens eye health)
  • Add a small piece of ginger to the carrot to improve circulation and add a zing
  • Take vitamin C and Zinc complex
  • Rinse the eye with cooled black tea 3 x a day
  • Rinse the eye with water solution of bicarb 3 x a day
  • Rinse the eye with a home made saline solution By dissolving 1 tsp of good iodiosed sea salt into 1 cup boiled water, use when cooled 3 x day
  • Liquid extract of bilberry purchased from a Herbalist / Naturopath to take daily will protect your eyes for years

Tip: The cheapest and most effective way, after treating the condition, is to make sure you always get ample amounts of raw fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin C is destroyed by heat, fresh is the only way to get your dose of vitamin C naturally.

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