Treatment of Migraines

Migraines: can they be cured?
I say yes they can, it happens in clinic all the time.

There are few different types of migraines. The ones that come on pre or post period. These are hormonal migraines and very debilitating can last 2 -3 days. If you've had one, you know. Hormonal migraines will need Herbal Medicine to regulate the periods. Usually takes 3-5 cycles. They do go. I cured my own when I was a Naturopathic student. With the help of my lecturers of course.

Then there's the migraines that are triggered by certain foods you eat. It's only a small list but these foods can cause grief to many, many people, all their lives. Unless they address those foods. Foods they are reacting to or intolerant to.

Then there are migraines that are triggered by your structure. Some folks have necks and backs that need a good adjustment, then the migraines disappear. If you have poor posture they'll come back with time. It's just a matter of regular massage or osteopathic adjustments. Plus looking into lifting yourself and walking with better posture, these things are self taught. Taking up dancing is a good way to correct posture. As is rolling your shoulders back and lifting your head towards the ceiling regularly. Sort of protruding your chest out, then lifting.

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