Gallbladder and Abdominal Pain

There are wonderful gallbladder, medicinal herbs, that work quickly and well. If you ever have an emergency rush to hospital with agonising abdominal pain and fever, and it turned out to be a gallbladder issue, usually it is removed. If you have had this, you know first hand how troublesome it can be. However we really need our gallbladder, as it contains bile which helps digest the fats in our diet, in a big way. That's why when we do have issues with liver and gallbladder bile it may get obstructed leading to jaundice, which cause us to go yellow.

The thing is there are early signs, weeks sometimes months before your gallbladder isn't healthy. The signs are subtle like vomiting, nausea, sudden weight loss, and /or cramping on the right side of you tummy which may radiate to your back or shoulder.

Do something about it quickly, never ignore any abdominal pain especially if it keeps coming back. Treated early I can most likely help you keep you gallbladder which is an important digestive organ. Here is a picture of gallbladder nestled/lying under the liver. As bile is produced in the liver it moves to the gallbladder, then when we eat the gallbladder secrets its contents into the intestine to help break down our fatty foods.


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