Fungal Toenails

Sadly Fungal Nails are very common and all those expensive antifungals do not work. As we age the opportunistic fungus takes advantage of us and lives off us very happily.
So what can you do?

You have to be really diligent and do it everyday if you want to rid yourself of these parasites. Being a bushwalker and having my feet stuck in shoes for 8 hours a day and sweating creates the perfect environment for fungal growth. I've had to treat my own toes 3 times in the last few years and this works every time.

Essential Oil of Tea Tree (a good brand, cheap won't work)
Nail file

File the nail on the flat so you expose the fungus which is buried inside. This doesn't hurt and you know it's filed back well when it looks chalky.
I do it every evening after my shower while watching telly.
File file file then add 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil.
Wrap or wear socks.
Repeat every day till new healthy nail grows - 2 weeks or so.
For the ladies, try avoid nail polish during this time so you can see its working.
NOTE: Don't wait until the nail is bad - treat as soon as you see it's infected.
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