I have 98 % success rate with both men and women. Why are we having trouble falling pregnant?

It's a sad fact that many men and women are suffering from fertility issues. More men than women. Studies show that 1-2 in every 6 couples will be infertile.

I was born in the late 50s and it was unheard of for couples to struggle having a baby. It was so, so rare. Back then, so were female hormonal issues and men had sperm like an ox.

I can't say it enough but we are what we are exposed to; ie phones, smart tvs, those terrible watches we wear, microwaves, as well as what we eat affects our fertility. Even though some may disagree, I can see the only changes in the last 50 or so years being diet and our exposure to radiation. Do you think Apple cares if you kill all your sperm by carrying your phone in your pocket?

What about the increase in testicular cancer? It's no coincidence we are living lives that are slowly killing us. We are dying as a human race and less and less children are being born. Studies show if we continue at this rate we will disappear in no time. All those apocalyptic movies and books come from men and women who can project thoughts about the future, they get ideas in dreams and write them down. Then we have a book which comes true within a decade. But this is no story, this is real, and scientists are increasingly very concerned.

Going back to fertility, sperm count, sperm mobility and how to have healthy sperm. How to reverse polycystic ovarian disease, fibroids, endometriosis and other hormonal issues that are affecting womb and egg health. I have had 98% success rate with getting couples to conceive. In the long run it's thousands of dollars cheaper than IVF, non-invasive, with no terrible hormonal mood swings. You will become the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been, and most likely have a family too.


Tammy is amazing and a god send. I first came to Tammy with hormonal issues. I was diagnosed with PCOS after not having my period for months and came to Tammy for help to regulate my cycles with the hope of starting a family soon. I saw her regularly over 2 months for lympathic drainage massages and herbal tonics. And thanks to Tammy's help, my last menstrual cycle was 30 days and I was even able to fall pregnant (although it was a chemical in the end). I truly did not think my body would be able to ovulate normally, let alone fall pregnant at all. This, of course, is just a small snippet of what she has been able to help me with. I love our sessions together as it really feels like Tammy listens and cares about me as a person and is there to treat/help me holistically.
- Jane 2021

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