Fertility in males has decreased in the last 20 years by 40%. If that doesn't shock, you - IT SHOULD.

No longer can you and your partner just look at each other and get pregnant, gone are those days. That's my generation, when falling pregnant was too easy, too quick. Male sperm was healthy and strong. Female bodies were also healthy and strong and there was much less stress around. Food wasn't unnatural and fake/poisonous (like farmed fish).

Do you ever wonder if that might be the case in your life?
I still see women in my clinic who believe the fault lies with them when in fact the husbands or partners are refusing to get checked (perhaps out of pride), but mostly not being educated or aware.

Both men and women can have fertility issues. It's been a nightmare for most and IVF programs are profiting. It's a long, expensive, exhausting journey going through IVF. The hormones they give women make them crazy with stress, not to mention poor through expense.

Herbal treatments and lymphatic massage could be all you need to have a family of your own. Perhaps it's time you considered the natural solutions first and give it 3 months - that's all you may need. I have a very high success rate and usually get to watch my babies grow into young adults. Which is a pleasure. Book in with me today to discuss your fertility.

Tammy is amazing and a god send. I first came to Tammy with hormonal issues. I was diagnosed with PCOS after not having my period for months and came to Tammy for help to regulate my cycles with the hope of starting a family soon. I saw her regularly over 2 months for lympathic drainage massages and herbal tonics. And thanks to Tammy's help, my last menstrual cycle was 30 days and I was even able to fall pregnant (although it was a chemical in the end). I truly did not think my body would be able to ovulate normally, let alone fall pregnant at all. This, of course, is just a small snippet of what she has been able to help me with. I love our sessions together as it really feels like Tammy listens and cares about me as a person and is there to treat/help me holistically.
- Jane 2021

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