Do you or your children get boils?
Growing up I used to always get boils, sounds yuk I know, but it's true, I was, and still am, a tom boy. Loved playing in the dirt and climbing trees, sliding down sand dunes (local glass factory). We would sneak in - these days we would call it breaking in, and slide down on a cardboard box. I'd jump off roofs, ride a bike down hill on a suburban street without brakes, and so on. I played rough and tough and loved it. So I'd get weird and yucky skin things happening.

Boils are not as common today as back then, they still happen though. Usually I'd say they come more from internal issues. Boils are a sign you need a massive clean out and detox. I'm not talking about those over the counter detox products either. I mean a total overhaul, or they'll just keep coming back every few years. I recently came across a patient who's GP lanced their boil. Do you know what happened? It came out somewhere else x3. Of course the body is clever, we need to trust our body and assist it, not suppress it. If you try to suppress something the body is pushing out it'll come up somewhere else and probably mulitply.

Draw it out.

  • Using a poultice of Slippery Elm or other
  • Silica is great for drawing out stuff
  • 3-5 day carrot juice fast will also do wonders (must be assisted by a Naturopath/Nutritionist)
  • Addressing the emotional link to the boils. If you look at the book, The Secret Language Of Your Body by Inna Segal

Boils are connected to feeling angry, unable to protect or be protected. Hatred of oneself, insecurity, and feeling second best. Feeling unvalued. Feeling like you don't belong, and yes children do get these feelings even though they don't understand them.


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