What An Integrated Naturopath Can Do For You

Naturopathy is all about treating the body as a whole.

Integrated Naturopaths look into your history and your present, and break down your diet in detail.

My job is to find the aggravating factor..

Is it your diet?
Is it your past trauma?
Is it your present trauma?
Could it be hormonal?

I spend an hour with you chatting about you and your needs including your mental wellbeing. Our mental health needs to be in harmony with our lives, jobs, and family. I am also able to help you with your children as a Pediatric Naturopath. As a Naturopath in Greenacre near Bankstown and Liverpool, my aim is to bring harmony and health back to your mind and body.
There are many ways to achieve this:

  • dietary and nutritional changes
  • herbal medicine
  • hypnotherapy
  • reiki
  • holistic counselling
  • iridology
  • bach flower remedies
  • hair analysis
  • lymphatic drainage
  • naturopathic consultation
  • massage and alignment

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