Prevention and Treatment of Asthma

  • Prewash all new clothes before wearing them (this removes formaldehyde)
  • Avoid sudden change in temperature
  • Have an allergy hair analysis done
  • Minimize your exposure to allergens
  • Do not use chemicals (cleaning products and insect sprays) in or around you and the house, garden pesticides and paints
  • Remove carpets
  • Wipe dust with damp cloth so the dust is not airborne and vacuum regularly
  • Ventilate the house and use air purifiers
  • Sun the bedding including mattress and pillows every fortnight
  • Avoid chloride exposure
  • Avoid preservatives, additives and food colourings READ all LABELS
  • Eat fresh organic foods cook daily when possible
  • Avoid take away, sulphites (on some dried fruits) and monosodium glutamate ie msg
  • Wipe down fridge with white vinegar to remove mould (which can be invisible)
  • Drink only freshly squeezed vegetable juices carrot with small piece of ginger is specific for strengthening the lungs
  • Avoid cordials soft drinks and bottled juice
  • Include in your diet seasonal fruit and veg plus increase small fish and seafood
  • Have vegetarian days (totally meat free) where legumes (chick peas, beans and lentils) are your protein base
  • Swim and play the flute to strengthen your lungs
  • Learn the Buteyko breathing technique
  • Avoid dairy products like cow milk, ice cream and cheeses, soy/rice/goat milk is ok
  • Remove animals, feathered bedding, fumes, mould and tobacco from your home
  • Move to cleaner environment
  • Increase raw garlic and raw onion in your diet daily
  • Eat whole grains and unrefined foods never have processed/refined foods ex white flour in breads cakes or biscuits
  • Look into avoiding stress in your life or address stress situations accordingly
  • Avoid cold drinks, peanuts, aspirin and other related drugs NSAIDs have been know to trigger an asthma attack, beta blockers can also constrict bronchial tubes and cause difficulty in breathing

Asthma Treatment

  • Herb medicines are great for asthma, your herbalist will give you the ones that suit your body the most
  • Chop one onion and pour some good quality honey on it, let it stand for 2-3hrs then use the syrup as a cough tonic this can be taken 1-2tbls every few hrs
  • Drink freshly grated ginger/licorice tea, eat crystallised ginger and add to your cooking regularly
  • Drink freshly squeezed lime/lemon in room temperature/warm water all day long


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