Insulin Resistance

What is Insulin Resistance?
To understand this let me explain how sugar in blood is used up so as not to cause damage in our body.

The pancreas is responsible for releasing a hormone called insulin. Insulin is usually very good at picking up blood sugars and putting them in the cell. That the cell uses it for many different things, one of them is generating energy.

Having and ignoring insulin resistance can be a pre-curser to diabetes type 2. Which means if you don't fix this issue with diet and herbs, you're most likely going end up diabetic.

To the younger folk out there, the words Insulin Resistance, Diabetes Type 2', were never, or rarely heard of 15 years ago. Again it's on the increase. A more modern disease, thanks to the way we eat. We can also blame food manufacturers, but it is up to us to choose wisely for ourselves and our family.

There is plenty of information out there, a lot of it incorrect. Especially if it's someone trying to sell you a product on Instagram. You can be sure it's rubbish. There's is no one pill that can fix this. It's a total change in lifestyle, choice of foods and exercise.

Insulin resistance occurs when the hormone insulin, struggles to bind with sugar molecules in the blood, and to put them into cells, to be used up as energy source. That's pretty nasty for us, having too much sugar circulating freely in our blood with nowhere to go, causes damage to our organs. When you have this condition, exercise is crucial to burn it up. Ignoring it will eventually cause diabetes type 2.


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