The Cause and Treatment of Hair Loss

The most common reason for hair loss is stress, especially long term, chronic stress. When I see Naturopathic patients for hair loss in the clinic in Greenacre Sydney, young, old, male, female - 9 out of 10 times it is stress related. I have even treated my cats for loss of fur due to stress and hormonal imbalances.

Stress is a very serious emotion and it can make us very sick if it's in our lives long enough. Stress is not 'in your head', is it real, and needs to be addressed.

The beauty of holistic healing is that as Naturopaths we look at the body as a whole entity. We do not just look at the complaint you came in with, but at everything else that is happening in your life from years ago to present.

That is why we have success and can help you help yourself get well and happy again.

Here are few tips - I found this started working about a month after I made the changes for myself:

  • Use soap free shampoo that is made from the best ingredients
  • I can order that in for you, a litre is about $30 and lasts months. Don't use conditioner, I never use conditioner anymore
  • Massage your head gently every evening with 2 drops of essential rosemary oil in 1 tsp coconut/olive oil base, while sitting in front of your favorite show, better still get someone else to do it
  • Make sure you take all your minerals daily, especially zinc. You need zinc for hair. A good brand of course, otherwise you're wasting your time. Dosage depends on the zinc, I also can supply
  • If you are an overthinker, stressed person like most of us, then that's resolved by a consult. I have lovely techniques that involve deflating the overthinking mind. I've have years of experience working that one out
  • If you are on any medications, try and find alternative solutions where and if possible
  • Listen to your favorite music, this is a biggie. Listening to our favorite music is amazingly healing. It takes us out of our heads and puts us in a nice happy place
  • Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D from real sunlight daily. Never take a one pill a week or worse still one pill a year. That is very damaging to bones and muscles

Come alone to the Clinic situation in Greenacre, near Liverpool and Bankstown in Sydney.


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