The Miracle Honey - Manuka

It's common to develop an ulcer anywhere there isn't enough blood flow. An ulcer is a hole in the skin basically that will not heal due to insufficient nutrients, the blood delivers the nutrients to the area that needs it. I remember so clearly my very 1st year of practice, a patient back in the 90s who I used to home visit, they were bed bound due to debilitating leg ulcers. The poor darling had a strong dislike for doctors, as they were not helping her at all at this stage. She had had the leg ulcers for a year from a history of diabetes and all that they could do was keep the wound clean by sending a nurse to change her bandages daily.

That's the big danger with external ulcers, catching an infection that can literally kill you quite quickly by entering the bloodstream and causing septicemia-blood poisoning. She was a big believer in Herbal Medicine so was her sister who was looking after her. Both old school elderly ladies. Nancy was one of my favorite patients, I remember her fondly - a tough strong lady, determined to get better, however had a love for food and it was that passion for food, sugars, cakes and cream buns that was her enemy. Her diabetes was hard to keep under control however I would heal those ulcers as soon as they would develop over the years and we did that with a simple natural healer - MANUKA HONEY. Manuka honey has strong antibacterial action, stops the erosion of the skin and encourages healing very quickly. They would save so much suffering if only they used it in hospitals and recommended it to people, if only!


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