The Problem with Wheat

From personal experience most of you know how bad wheat is for you.

It upsets your digestion, bloats you and can be the reason so many are experiencing allergic reactions like eczema, hay fever and whole lot of other symptoms.

You never had allergies before, yet suddenly you have become sensitive to certain things.

Let me tell you WHY WHEAT is no longer any good to eat.
Once upon a time wheat was a healthy stable food. That's long gone now. The seeds are no longer what they were, the wheat we have here in Australia is hybrid seed. Watered with treated sewage water down in Victoria. The company that treats the water confess they cannot remove all the parasites and bugs.

What does this mean?
It means our digestive system is failing us, partly from what they do to our wheat. We get helicobacterium and parasites proliferating in our gut, which are very hard to get rid of or keep under control.

I never think of it as a GLUTEN problem (unless you have a bowel disease like Crohns or Coeliac). It is a WHEAT problem. The gluten in oats and rye are perfectly ok for most folks.


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