Prevention and Treatment of Bad Breath

Do You have Halitosis? (bad breath)

Usually caused by poor mouth hygiene, gum disease or tooth decay often clients have already seen a dentist by the time they come to me at my clinic in Western Sydney.

Other causes include:

  • infections in the oral cavity, throat /nose/post nasal drip/sinus
  • poor diet, poor protein digestion, constipation, unfriendly bacteria in the bowels from overuse of antibiotics, or liver disease

After ruling out more serious possible causes like liver malfunction the following tips will help you:


  • start taking top grade probiotic to balance out bowel flora
  • increase seasonal fruit and vegetables in your diet to relief constipation
  • flush your kidneys with lots of drink fluoride free water daily add a squeeze of lemon/lime to support the liver
  • if you have gum infection gargle 3-5x daily with 1tsp salt in 1 cup pre boiled cooled water. Hold in mouth for as long as possible
  • cleanse the mouth and teeth by oil pulling
  • take 5 grams daily of a good source of powdered Vitamin C with meals
  • avoid stinky foods like blue cheese, anchovies, salamis
  • to kill parasite and bad bacteria start eating loads of fresh raw garlic or take Allimax daily
  • replace your toothbrush monthly, floss daily
  • avoid mouthwashes they have added flavours and sugars and could be causing the problem
  • if you get recurrent sore throats sinus etc.. see your Naturopath, fix the problem once and for all
  • Go on a juice fast to cleanse the system and refresh your body


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