Sun Spots - Age Spots - Liver Spots

Ever wondered what they really are? Some call them sunspots because they seem to get worse when we are exposed to plenty of sun.

Naturopathically we call them liver spots. They are flat discoloured areas of skin on our face, back of the hands and sometimes our neck.

They are signs of free radical damage in that area and that is why it is a good idea to support your liver before they start to appear. Most folks start getting them around 40-50 years of age. While others can get them earlier, especially if they are heavy drinkers or are exposed to environmental toxins like household cleaners and paint.


  • in your 30-40's it's always a good idea to start drinking dandelion root tea to protect your liver which has worked so hard for you all your life
  • or take a good brand of liver supplements daily (that's what I do)
  • take zinc daily (I do that too)
  • eat loads of seasonal fruit, vegetables and legumes (fibre combines with the toxins and helps excrete it)
  • drink plenty of filtered water with a squeeze of lemon/lime daily
  • remember - prevention is better than cure


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