There are many reasons behind aches and pains as we mature in age, mind and life's experiences.
No one will tell you this, but pain is a totally unnecessary symptom that can be resolved once the true emotional source is found. Bear with me. I see a lot of Folks with body pain, random aches here and there and everywhere. Usually starts in their early 40s. Progressively getting worse and they are told just take pain killers, there's nothing you can do about it. But you can get rid of pain.

When our bodies scream out to us, they are trying to tell us something. We are either eating the wrong thing or living, working, playing the wrong life. Some of us then end up with debilitating pain, not to mention reliant on panadol or nurofen, and other nasty painkillers.

Our body is sending us messages to do things differently. We may need to change what we eat or we may need to leave a relationship or we may need to find a better life or job. There's always a reason. Do we listen? Ye,s some of us do. We read books, google, some of us go see our Naturopath or Osteopath, Bowen Therapist, get cupping or acupuncture, to release the bad juju from our bodies. Don't live with pain, it's totally unnecessary. Even period pain is easily resolvable with herbs and dietary changes.


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