The Cause and Treatment of Muscle Cramps

Some common causes of muscle cramp:

  • muscle cramps can be related to magnesium and calcium imbalances
  • vitamin E deficiency
  • dehydration
  • try eating at least 5-7 whole vegetables daily
  • green leafy vegetables contain loads of magnesium
  • arthritis
  • aspartame
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • over activity
  • more serious diseases like ALS and hypothyroidism

Dear readers,
I always would like to stress - do not try and self diagnose. Please see your naturopath or nutritionist, usually there are plenty of other things related to muscle cramps which will also need addressing. Only your practitioner can help you there, and get to the root of the problem.

Treatment - what you can do
When you get the cramp, and usually it occurs at night just relax, breath into it, don't force it. The urge is to stretch it, but that is the worst thing to do. Take a few relaxing deep breaths and soon it will disperse.

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