Internal Cystitis

Is like a recurrent urinary/bladder infection, it feels that way. With the burning, incontinence, and urgency to the bathroom. However it's not due to a real infection. It's a nightmare for women who may experience it mostly after 60. If you have had a bladder infection it feels exactly like that. I've found it can be helped with an alkaline diet. Check what you are eating. Here are the trigger factors:

  • Alcohol
  • Salt, salty foods, pickles, olives, chips adding extra salt to your food
  • Too much citrus, fruit, lemons, mandarins, ie more than 4-5 a day may trigger it off too

Decrease those foods then introduce alkaline diet

  • Legumes - broad beans chickpeas lentils etc
  • Carrot juice (yes again)
  • Rice dishes
  • Double your vegetables and their juices intake
  • Drink bone and veggie broths
  • Start doing your pelvic floor exercises again, they always help
  • For instant relief - Drink and or rinse 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda in full glass warm water

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